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If you don’t help give them the tools for success there really isn’t an advantage to an agent growing their team, because they aren’t going to take the time to teach because all they are worried about is money! Con-artist, bigots, a boys club full of sexist and egotistical brokers.

Out of my office of 80 people there was one person of color.

More stress than it’s worth Expectations are unrealistic with no support to try and help you meet the expectation.

So many HR issues it’s unbelievable Rat an das Management Realize that if you want more money from the agents the team they bring on are just as valuable.

Your speech today was of a piece with your way of speaking throughout your political career: humble, calm, measured, direct, and without cutting corners, or making matters seem better or worse than they are.

It is, these days, a very rare form of public speech.

This company should be reviewed by the Securities and Exchange Commission for all the fraudulent activity going on here as well.

Kontras The fact that the CEO would send an email outlining his demands and expectations of independent contractors says it all.

Here is what I wrote Al Franken the day he announced he would resign: 7 December 2017 Dear Senator Franken, Today at the MSP airport my wife, Jenny, and I talked with the men working the shoeshine stand at Concourse E. They mentioned the times you had patronized their stand, and before you Paul Wellstone, and the conversations you and he had had together in the airport.

I think Kirsten Gillibrand is sincere, but I think for Chuck Schumer it was all calculation about the—and I hate this word, but in this degraded context it’s accurate—Democratic brand, just as it’s clear that Republicans called on Moore to drop out—Ryan, Mc Connell, Cornyn, and even, at the start, Trump, in the “if these allegations are proved true” weasel out—only because they thought he’d lose.

When it became clear it was likely he would win anyway, then it was, you know, up to the voters of Alabama. It won’t hurt among Republicans and other Trump voters.

They’ve made it plain they’ll accept anything to keep the Trump show going and to indulge their delight in seeing America dissolved.

My fantasy is that Al runs for congress in the special election in November 2018 after Mark Dayton appoints a placeholder in January.

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